Support Resources

Consolidation of Email domains: Mithi's Approach

With the help of an example, this article explains the objective of Email Consolidation, Mithi's approach and experience, stages involving Preparation and Planning stages to Configuration to Go Live to Migration.

Centralized Vs Distributed Email Server Setup

This article details the pre-requisites, advantages and disadvantages of Centralized as well as Distributed Email Server Setup to help you decide on which architecture would suit your organization the best.

Configuration and Migration Scope of Work

This article discusses indepth the process and the scope of migration right from Preparation/ Planning Stage to Training to Server Migration Scope to Client Migration to Service Charges to some FAQs.

Deployment Practice at Mithi and Scope of Work

This article explains the various execution options, deployment stages and the deployment process followed by Mithi.

Sample Corporate Mail Usage Policy

This article helps you define a corporate mail usage policy, indicates the best place to publish it, and provides a sample framework which can easily customized as per specific organisation needs.