Solution Benefits

Connect Xf Email Server can adapt to your specific Email, Messaging and Collaboration needs while delivering Higher Performance at Lower cost. It caters to diverse expectations and concerns of all levels of an enterprise, as shown below.

Top Executive

What CEO/ COO wants?

Managing Customer Experience, Trust and Relationships, Profitability, Change etc.

How Connect Xf helps?

Connect Xf provides Higher Dependability, More Cost Savings and Greater Adaptability.

Solutions for CEO/ COO

Email and Collaboration setup is critical to IT Infrastructure, helping enterprises reduce operational costs and improve response. But setting up an email and collaboration infrastructure could involve high set-up and operating costs.

  • Profitability: Save on set-up and operating costs without compromise on performance.
  • Customer Experience: High Dependability leading to Lower Downtime and Disruptions.
  • Change Management: Easily Adaptable to meet the changing needs of an enterprise.
  • Trust and Relationships: Mail Archival feature useful both for Security and Regulatory Compliance purposes and also as a Knowledge Repository.

Finance Head

What CFO wants?

Managing Costs, Risks and Resources.

How Connect Xf helps?

Connect Xf provides high availability, upfront savings in licensing costs, no costly system overhauls, lower lifecycle costs, etc.

Solutions for CEO/ COO

CFOs are increasingly concerned with not just the upfront costs but also the benefits and costs across the Complete Lifecycle of the IT Infrastructure.

  • Managing Resources: Upfront savings in Email infrastructure cost enables more productive use of the IT Budget.
  • Managing Risks: High Availability and Inbuilt Security features in Email Infrastructure ensure near-zero downtime and security breaches. Ability to co-exist with MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc. guarantees easy migration and continuing freedom to choose between OSS and proprietary software.
  • Managing Costs: Use of Open Data Standards ensure that there is no costly system overhaul in moving to an alternative or newer version of the software.

Technology Head

What CIO/ CTO wants?

Managing the IT Strategy and ROI Assessment.

How Connect Xf helps?

Connect Xf provides high scalability, easy extension, integrated solution, multi-location setup, lower archiving cost, etc.

Solutions for CIO/ CTO

IT Strategy:

  • Open data standards and a web service interface provides a framework that is easy to expand and integrate with third party applications.
  • Can serve the needs of a multi-location enterprise using a Common Directory Services.

ROI Assessment:

  • Built in features like Anti spam, Anti-virus, Firewall, Mail server, Web Mail, Directory Server etc. at no extra cost.
  • Lower effort and cost of scaling, archiving, retrieval and data migration etc. with respect to proprietary systems due to Open Data Formats.

IT Manager

What IT Manager wants?

Managing Complexity and Performance.

How Connect Xf helps?

Connect Xf provides easier implementation, maintenance and management, centralized controls, complete lifecycle support, service back-up facilities, etc.

Solutions for IT Manager

  • Personal Productivity: Compatible With Popular Desktop Clients like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • Group Productivity: Wider Choice of Personal and Group Productivity Software is available from Open Source software and the third party vendors due to Open Data Formats.

End User

What IT Manager wants?

Personal and Group Productivity Applications on Mobile Devices, Desktop Clients and Browsers.

How Connect Xf helps?

Connect Xf provides compatibility with popular desktop mail clients, support for group collaboration, wider choice of personal and group productivity software, etc.

Solutions for End Users

More than anything else, IT Infrastructure Managers are concerned with the complexity and cost of designing, implementing and managing the Mail Software infrastructure

  • Managing Complexity: Easier implementation and management through Automation and Remote Management Capability.
  • Managing Performance: Back-up facilities like mailbox hosting, anti spam-anti-virus filtering, mail parking, remote back-up, disaster recovery support etc. to ensure continuity of messaging service. Centralized controls for mail policies, user configuration, monitor server performance etc., making it easier and cheaper to manage the Enterprise Email service.