Collaboration Applications : SMS

Collaboration Applications : SMS

With a near ubiquitous presence of the mobile phones, it forms a very important, indeed essential means by which people connect and communicate with their personal and professional network.

Extending the email network to the mobile phone therefore makes imminent sense. However, most approaches to enable email access on the mobile phone have been constrained by the need for special devices and services. The SMS integration in Connect Xf however breaks through this constraint enabling users to access their mail message through SMS.

This approach therefore offers a lower cost, faster, easier way to extend the enterprise email network to include the mobile phones, with immediate benefit to productivity and responsiveness of an enterprise. The SMS integration enables the following benefits for the user and the administartor.

Interesting use cases of the email to sms capability

This platform enables a whole new set of applications and also increases the efficiency of the work force. Below are a few examples of how the integrated SMS feature can be used by organizations:

  • The organization has uploaded all the key customer information in the Global Address Book along with the mobile numbers. The marketing team has also defined separate distribution lists or mailing groups based on cities and regularly sends SMS updates to its customers.

  • Alert about new offering are sent to the travelling sales force using SMS, asking them to refer to the web site for details.

  • Account managers have configured SMS alerts from key customers.

  • I am sending a very important mail to a team lead and need to be sure that he gets alerted of it right away. The quickest way is to deliver this via sms.

Alert recipients of an important email sent

Alert recipients of an 
 important email sent

Using the Email to SMS feature, send SMS messages from your email account. While sending an email, also send a summary of that as an SMS to the recipients. This serves to alert the recipients immediately about an important message sent

Receive SMS alerts for important email messages

Receive SMS alerts for important email messages

Users can configure SMS alerts to be sent to their mobile phones, based on mail filter rules, e.g. send an alert with a summary of the mail, whenever the user receives a mail from

Technical Resources:
Email to SMS | Sending or Receiving an SMS

Alert members of a Distribution list of an important email sent

Alert members of a Distribution list of an important email sent

The user (if allowed to use this feature) can send an email to a group and and also send a summary of the same email as an sms to the same group. The system would send the email to the members and also send an sms to each member of the group. It would take the phone numbers from the directory and address books.

Track/Archive all the smses sent and received by every user

A single message store, ensures that communication via SMS or email are archived in a single location and easily searchable

Use from baya (web client) or Desktop clients like Thunderbird or MS Outlook

Baya integrates the capability to send SMS alerts for select emails, right into the compose page. While sending the email, you can choose the SMS recipients for the shortened message from the address book, or enter the mobile numbers directly. You can also choose the fields of your email, which should compose the shortened message to be sent as an SMS alert. While sending from a desktop client, you would need to mark a bcc to a predefined system id, which will capture the recipient ids from the mail and transport a summary to them via SMS. It would take the phone numbers from the directory and address books.

Control who can use the sms feature

Administrators can define which users have access to this feature of Email to SMS.

Can connect to standard SMS gateways over HTTP

For the SMSes to be transported, you would need to purchase bulk SMS credits from an aggregator, who will provide you with an HTTP URL, user id and password of your account. By invoking the loaded URL, the SMS gateway will transport the SMS to the specified mobile number.