Accessories Overview

Your Email setup forms the backbone of your collaboration system. It can be significantly augmented for greater productivity by using other forms of collaboration along with Email. The open source based Connect Xf Email server is supported by a large eco-system of Open Source Software like Desktop Chat, Desktop Calendar, CRM, Issue Tracker, WorkFlow, Wiki etc, available as free and paid licenses.

We have compiled a select list of world-class Open Source Software that can be used in combination with your Connect Xf Email and Collaboration setup to deliver a higher performance at lower cost.

Desktop Clients

Desktop Mail Clients

Popular Desktop mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora are available for free. You can configure Connect Xf and use advanced features for managing email, including WYSIWYG editors for composing email messages, security protection, advanced search capabilities, and rules and filters for efficiently organizing messages and folders.


Desktop Calendar Client

‘Lightning’ – the Free Calendar application for Thunderbird can be downloaded and plugged in easily. Schedule meetings, tasks, appointments on your Thunderbird Desktop Mail clients.


Desktop Chat Clients

Popular multi-protocol instant messaging clients for Jabber like Neos, Pidgin, etc are available for free. Setup Connect Xf on these popular Desktop Chat clients to start chatting with colleagues from your enterprise network.


Operating System (OS)


CentOS is free software operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Cent OS is the most popular Linux distribution for web servers with almost 30% of all Linux servers using it. Your enterprise can save huge cost by configuring it as the OS for your mail servers. Not only do you derive performance benefits, but also save on licensing costs from purchasing a proprietary OS.


Office Productivity Software

Open Office

Use, the free and open-source based Office Productivity software to save on licensing costs while getting all the powerful tools like word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, database management program, etc. It also supports other formats including those from Microsoft Office.

Open Office


CRM Software

CRM software enables informed decision-making and follow-up on many different levels. Sales and Customer Service functions greatly benefit from the central repository of customer data. CRM systems can use the secure SMTP services of Connect Xf to carry bulk messages, reminders, alerts etc.

vtiger| SugarCRM| SplendidCRM

CMS Software

Information routinely reused in the organisation is best managed centrally using a CMS like Wiki, instead of exchanging Email or Chat messages. Wiki systems also let you easily manage the revisions of information/ documents. There are several plugins available to integrate your internal or external wikis to your Email systems.

Joomla| WordPress| Drupal

Issue Tracking / Ticketing System

Track requests to the various departments of a company, originating internally or externally via separate departmental queues in an issue tracking (ticketing) system. Multiple departments can also work on the same issue by moving it from one department (queue) to another.

Most issue tracking software can easily be linked with Connect Xf over SMTP and IMAP. Each department queue can be mapped to email accounts so that mails received are converted/ merged to tickets. Ticket updates are sent as email alerts to the users, enabling the tracking of the complete sequence of communications for the resolution of that issue.

OTRS| OS Ticket| Red Mine

Workflow Software

Workflow software provides document circulation and workflow to standardize routine processes. Usually the software provides a web based interface allowing users to define “documents” which are sent step-by-step to every station/user in a list. It’s an electronic way of doing (i.e. internal) document circulations, allowing every day business activities to become automated and more efficient.

Workflow systems can use the secure SMTP services of Connect Xf to route messages, issue reminders, send alerts etc.

ProcessMaker| BonitaSoft

Admin Accessories

Admin Tools and Accessories

Using these tools in combination with in built Connect Xf tools helps your IT team manage the server with ease. These accessories help to access the server, copy information to and from the server, monitor the server etc.