Access Devices - Baya (Webclient)

Web-based Collaboration Applications

Collaboration Applications like Email, Calendar, Contacts and Chat are seamlessly integrated in Baya – a browser-based client designed to make your task of communication and collaboration easier. Baya can be accessed via browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc and supports protocols like HTTPS for secure browsing experience.

You can customize Baya Webmail to include your corporate logo, labels, color schemes to go with your corporate identity.

Easy, quick access to the collaboration applications

Anytime, Anywhere, Direct-launch application access with a single sign on to all applications, requiring no prior configuration.

Secure access

Access control allows the administrator to define, which user can access Baya and from which trusted networks.

Administrators can make encrypted access via HTTPS (TLS) as the default/only mode of access to secure the channel of access. Especially useful over public networks.

Baya can be configured to timeout a session after a defined period of inactivity. This is especially useful in cases, where the user forgets to logout and leaves the machine unattended.

Baya supports a secure logout feature, which ensures that the pages visited by the user after he was logged in cannot be accessed by simply going through the browser history.

Compatible with all the popular browsers

Baya works especially well with Firefox and Chrome. However it supports other popular browsers as well like Internet Explorer, etc.

Devices Email Calendar Contact Chat Settings Admin Console
Chrome 30
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Firefox 22
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Safari 5.1.7+
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Opera 12.14
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Internet Explorer 7,8,9,10,11
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux

Customize to re-enforce your brand

Baya can be customized to present a branded/custom sign in page to your users and can also sport your company logo and color themes. In addition you can upload your own terms of use and privacy terms.

Users can then manage their own properties/ settings

Baya provides a section, which allows users to change their own passwords, set their own vacation reply, modify their personal information, configure mail filters, set account preferences, etc. This empowers the user and makes their operations more efficient, to manage the behaviour of their application without having to fall back on the administrator to perform the change.

Granular control to Administrators

Administrators can configure the properties that each user is allowed to view and modify. E.g. Administrators can disable the “auto email forwarding” option for a set of users and keep it enabled for the rest of the users.

Web mail

Web mail

Baya is an integrated mail client, which connects to the server over IMAP. It presents you the all mail folders and allows you an interface to manage these folders (add, delete, move mail amongst folders). These folders are essentially auto-subscribed to the local IMAP service on Connect Xf. The interface is intuitive and provides intelligent integration amongst the applications, e.g. the AutoComplete feature during mail composigion, saves you the hassle of remembering the contact information. As soon as you start typing the recipient email/ phone number, it auto-suggests a list of related contacts from amongst the configured address books.

Web Calendar

Web Calendar

With a few clicks, you can keep track of your tasks, events, meetings and share the calendar with anyone in your Address Book, keeping them in sync during meetings and other events. Once the members have given access of their calendars, it is very convenient to view their schedules and avoid overlaps. You can also import and export calendars to Baya Webmail using iCal Calendar protocol.



Connect Xf provides a Personal Address Book to let you manage a personal list of contacts while a Shared Address Book gives access to the Global Address Book and Corporate Directory. The Shared Address Book automatically syncs with Connect Xf Server via LDAP, thus eliminating the need to duplicate the entries manually. The Address Book can also be used to send email/ SMS to multiple contacts from your directory.

Web Chat

Web Chat

Now you don’t need to separate desktop chat client for Chatting. Baya makes chatting really convenient with the integrated Chat feature. You can engage in individual and group chats, create private chat rooms, etc. All the chat exchanges are archived in a folder to be accessed for later reference.


Captcha on Login page restricts the entry for robots.

Last Login details in the user panel helps users in monitoring the illegal access to their account.

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